A Cliffhanger (Of Sorts)…

I was all set to post my NewMU concept for Iron Man. It was going to be really cool too…I promise…or at least vaguely similar to the interesting things that Matt Fraction has managed to accomplish in his tenure on the current Marvel book.

However, reality has once again sidetracked activity on this blog. I have to apologize for starting and stopping this thing so often over the last 4 years. Just when we seem to be revving up again, something derails us. And it’s all my fault…but it’s a good thing this time.

Last year, in my limited spare time, I managed to write my first fiction novel. A few weeks ago, my book was picked up by a literary agent. Now begins the tedious process of trying to sell the book to a publisher. These things move slowly, so I’ve decided to focus my efforts on writing my NEXT novel instead.

Therefore, Meanwhile…Comics! will once again take a backseat to real life.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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