The Avenging Hour


John and I have decided to dedicate our comics discussion time solely to a podcast about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers.

We’re starting at the beginning and documenting all of the creators, plots, members, villains, and behind the scenes information we can gather from 1963 to present.

Please join us at Avenging Hour to listen to our latest episode and join the conversation.

SCDPT Podcast!


The latest episode of the Super Comic Disco Party Time! podcast is now available here or on iTunes.

On this episode, John and I discuss Daredevil and his new Netflix series. SPOLIERS ABOUND!

Super Comic Disco Party Time!


This will, most likely, be the last post on this site. John and I have moved on…

…to the world of podcasts!


If the voices in your head are too strong and you’d rather listen to the two of us talk about comicsĀ instead, feel free to hop on over to (or and grab an episode. You can also find us on iTunes.


Thanks for your continued support…

Holy Mjolnir!


Are we back?

Could this be real life?

Is something bubbling behind the scenes that could mean an update to this dusty old blog?


Maybe. I think so. And definitely YES.

Stay tuned…