Say Hello to Robot 6.


Welcome to 2009. John and I are hoping for wonderful times here at the ol’ Meanwhile HQ. We’re excited by the endless possibilities. And one of those possibilities has already manifested itself, risen from the ashes of past greatness.

See, we used to be big fans of the crew from Blog@Newsarama. That is, until they ditched all those folks and replaced them with a bunch of…well, I won’t say what I really think of the “bloggers” that now reside over on Blog@. I’m sure if you do a bit of the Googling, you’ll find more than enough epithets used to describe them.

Anyway, I’m happy to announce that the former Blog@ team (along with a few wonderful additions…including my pal Larry Young) has a new home over on Comic Book Resources at Robot 6. Stop over and say hello to JK Parkin, Kevin Melrose, Tim O’Shea, Chris Mautner and all the other cool comics commentators. You’ll be glad you did!

And tell them “Meanwhile…Comics!” sent you. We could use the site traffic.